• High School Program

    The Center for Student Learning Charter School at Pennsbury (CSL) high school curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Our curriculum is delivered through the utilization of a differentiated instruction model to ensure that students are actively involved in the learning process. A complete curriculum guide can be found in the administration offices and individual curriculum guides can be found in the subject area classrooms.

    Grades: 9 -12

    Hours: 9:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.



    Mathematics: Algebra IA, Algebra IB, Algebra II, Algebra Extensions, Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Science: Biology A, Biology B, Life on Earth, Chemistry, Energy & Innovation (STEM), Biochemistry

    Language Arts: Introduction to Literature, Literature, American Literature, World & British Literature

    Social Sciences: American History II, American History III, World Cultures, Holocaust & Genocide Studies

    Electives: Forensic Science, Statistics, Financial Literacy, Creative Writing, Psychology, Contemporary Social Issues, Independent Study Lab, PA History

    Arts & Humanities: Art, Creative Writing, Communications

    Health & Physical Education: In class and online courses available.


    • Community Service Opportunities
    • Student Council
    • Field Day
    • Educational Field Trips
    • Reward Trips
    • College and Career Preparation and Tours
    • Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance Awards

    Graduation Requirements

    Students in grades 9-12 are required to earn passing grades in all 24 course units offered to meet the requirements for graduation. Students are required to successfully complete four credits each in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, the students must acquire one and a half credits in Physical/Health Education, two credits in Art/ Humanities and four and a half credits of electives. All students are required to complete a culminating project prior to graduation. The Graduation Project must contain a written, an oral, a visual, and a technological component. All students shall demonstrate proficiency on the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams in Algebra, Literature, and Biology or on a comparable local assessment.