• About CSL

    The Center for Student Learning Charter School at Pennsbury (CSL) was opened to students in 2002 as a state-approved educational program that is another public school option to their home school district. Throughout each year of operation, CSL has continued to grow in enrollment, facility, and educational programs. During this growth, CSL has always maintained a mission to serve students who would benefit from a learning environment focusing on providing a program centered on meeting students at their academic level and thus providing them with a learning environment that is more personal. CSL attempts to maintain an average class size of fifteen students, enabling us to provide the supports needed for every student to succeed. All of our teaching staff are appropriately certified, PA Certified teachers.
    Students who may benefit from CSL's program have experienced limited success in their current academic setting. This lack of success may be directly related to poor school attendance, large class sizes, multiple discipline referrals, academic failures, some mental health concerns, and/or patterns of disruptive behavior.
    The Center for Student Learning Charter School at Pennsbury is a school of choice available to any resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There is no tuition cost to the student's family. Transportation is provided by the student's home school district, if the student resides in a transporting district within a 10 mile radius.         
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