• School Performance Profile

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education launched the School Performance Profile (SPP)  in October 2013 as a new standard for academic performance throughout the state. SPP provides the public with a comprehensive student academic performance overview of every Pennsylvania public school, including traditional public schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools and career and technology centers. 

    • provide parents/guardians with performance measures for their child's school;
    • inform the public of academic performance of all Pennsylvania public schools;
    • provide a tool to inform goal setting, planning, and resource allocation to improve student achievement; and
    • provide a building-level score for educators as part of the educator effectiveness system.


    Title I Schools

    In addition to SPP, Title I Schools (schools denoted with a high percentage of low-income students) receive a federal designation of “Priority,” “Focus” or “Reward” based on four annual measurable objectives:

    • Student participation on the math and reading Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) exams and the algebra I, biology and literature Keystone Exams; 
    • Student graduation or attendance rate; \Closing the achievement gap of all students – reducing the number of students who score below proficient on the PSSA, Keystone Exams and the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) by 50 percent over a six-year period; and     
    • Closing the achievement gap of historically under-performing students – reducing the number of students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged and English language learners who score below proficient on the PSSA, Keystone Exams and the PASA by 50 percent over a six-year period.
    Helpful Information About the PA School Performance Profile

    To see each individual schools SPP, go to: www.paschoolperformance.org

    • Click on "Select Your Role"
    • Select "Bucks County" on the map
    • Select "Charter/Cyber Charter"
    • Select "Center for Student Learning Charter School"